Promised Land

A garland of grace and a crown of beauty. – Proverbs 4:9

Next month marks 3 years we have been living in our shome. “What is a shome?”, you might ask. It’s our shop, but currently our temporary home until we build our forever home. Our house will be about an acre in front of our shome. We have asked the girls what they are excited about and what they want for our house. They have said “another bathroom”… haha and all 4 of us agreed with AMEN! 1 bathroom for 4 people can be pretty frustrating especially at night time! Hinley remembers our old house, so she told us, “I want that box thing you put your clothes in”. We burst into laughter because this sweet 7 year old does not even remember what “the box is”…it’s called a “closet”. I have said a dishwasher-Hallelujah! If you don’t already know this about me, my least favorite responsibility at home is washing dishes…. And I have to do them constantly. I can almost hear the quiet humming sound of my dishwasher now!

Our bedroom view

In all seriousness though, we have loved our shome life. I wouldn’t take back a single day of it and I’m not grumbling to get out of it. The Lord has blessed us in this season. Honestly, we wouldn’t have been able to keep making house payments with the medical bills we faced from me. We love to be able to bless others and that wasn’t going to change because we know we are here for such a greater purpose than having all of these “things” that the world strives after. I only work 2 days out of the week “away from home” and I love that schedule, when I have prayed about trying to “work an extra day out of the week”, I just never have peace with it. I know God is wanting to do something greater and I believe that is with my writing. My writing may not pay me financially right now, but I know it is part of my call and purpose in life. My heart is to reach those who are struggling with fear, hopelessness, depression, and suicide with the encouragement and love of God. My payment in that work and the work I do at home with our girls and as a wife is a payment that is so much sweeter than physical money.

Scarlett “journaling” with me in my bedroom
Hinley “helping me” with my computer work

God knows how the world operates, which means God knows we need money. Money is important to live, but money is not the reason to live. Money is not a subject to be ignored in church, money is what funds the “church’s mission and purpose”. So yes, could I strive to find more work to make more money? Sure…but miss out on the beauty and joy that God has prepared for me to have the other days out of the week I work from home,no way unless He says to. When God speaks, we listen. When God gives direction, we follow. It’s seldomly easy for our flesh, but if we keep refreshing and renewing our minds in what God says, we can keep walking toward our “promised land”. The money we need is found in the harvest He promises. Do you know that even recently I found myself worrying about money. I even got to the point of considering going to give blood even though I’ve been told i shouldn’t because of my history and my weight. Dont get me wrong, giving blood is NEEDED! I needed a blood transfusion 4 years ago and Im so thankful for whoever donated that blood. Praise God! But that is not what God has instructed me to do. I found myself thinking like Sarah in the bible did when before they took “the promise” in their own hands and thought of ways to help God…. to strive instead of simply receiving. As long as we are working hard on the things He has entrusted TO us to steward we can be confident in the blessing that He is bringing. We cannot work hard and strive to do things He didnt instruct because that is just distraction and usually slows down the momentum of what God is wanting to bring into our lives.
Our land has been a promise to us. God has reminded me through different battles to “look out and see where I have placed you, Sara”. This place, this piece of land is not for nothing. Your past seasons and your future seasons are in line and for a greater purpose.”

Future house spot!!
This is Lance’s latest hard work. He forgot to take a before picture, but this is a night and day difference from before! This will be the view from part of our front porch area.
CanNOT wait!

We have owned our land for almost 5 years now. God actually showed us our land back in 2013- so 7 years ago, but we backed off of it because we weren’t sure if we could buy it financially. Almost 2 years go by and our land is still for sale! It’s been for sale for YEARS! SEVERAL YEARS in fact before we even saw it! I thought “how crazy that no one has bought this land yet”? I saw the beauty in this land from the beginning, before all the HARD WORK my husband has already put into it. It’s like God saved this land just for us! Every time I would step foot onto it, I would feel this unexplainable peace. It’s like my spirit knew this was the plan God had for us. We looked at other land options, some that seemed perfect, some that didn’t- but I knew in my heart they weren’t for us because I didn’t have that peace when I walked on them. The day we had to make our decision, we drove back and forth twice to the final 2 land options and there was no doubt which one was our promised land. The asking price even dropped to our maximum amount we could pay and from that point forward our promised land became ours.

BEFORE: Totally overgrown- can barely see through it
AFTER: Gorgeous! We could actually see between the trees that separates our shop from where our house will be.
My shop kitchen sink view! Gorgeous!

That’s pretty cool to me to know how God has created our own promised land. No one else may see the full beauty in it, but you do because deep inside you know it’s yours! We have about 11 ½ acres – it’s more narrow than wide, but it has flat parts and high parts and the tree lines aren’t a straight line to get around. There is the flat part on the highest part of our land (which is where our house will sit) that is just beautiful, it has a beautiful view where the front porch will be to watch the sunset overlooking a little pond and the back patio area will be nestled near one of our tree lines. My husband has spent sooooooooo much time cleaning up our land that pictures CANNOT EVEN DO IT JUSTICE! He is seriously is one of the hardest workers I know! He works practically every day whether its at his job or on our land. He amazes me with his work ethic and His love to help others with what they are working on. Man, I love him. Did you know we celebrated being together for 17 years this weekend! Yep, and I remember it like it was yesterday! He gets more gorgeous inside and outside! Give him a thumbs up if you see him!

So all this to say, when we found ourselves going through troubled times in the last 3 years, God would remind me “I gave you this place. This land is yours to occupy and it will flourish. This land is my promise to you and part of my vision for you. My glory will cover this land and darkness cannot take camp here. Get up and speak. Prophesy and draw the line over this place for not only this land, but the home you have made here-your family.” One day it was so strong on my heart to drive to the edge of our driveway, so I did and I drug my heel into the ground from one side to the other making a boundary line. I declared what would be allowed to cross this line and I ordered what couldn’t cross this line. You think that sounds crazy? It shouldn’t? Remember what we war against is rooted in spiritual things. The things we see are fruit of things we don’t see. As I’ve said before, God gave us all the power and authority through His spirit and His word as we live and reign in Christ Jesus. Consistent prayer will produce fruit. I knew our land would be fruitful both spiritually and physically. I’m excited to share with you guys our building process as the year goes on!

Here are some scriptures that God revealed to me for our promised land: our home.

“The time will come”, says the Lord, “when the grain and grapes [the harvest and the fruitfulness] WILL GROW FASTER than they can even be harvested! Then the terraced hills will drip with sweet wine [fruitfulness to enjoy and share]. I will bring your family back and you will rebuild your home to live again. You will plant vineyards and gardens (seeds of Joy, Abundance, Protection, Overflow, Unconditional love, Unity, Freedom, Victory, Health, Prosperity, etc); YOU WILL EAT OF THOSE CROPS AND DRINK OF THAT WINE [You will taste and see the fruitfulness of this promise]. I will firmly plant you there in your own land.. You will NEVER AGAIN BE UPROOTED from the land I have given you, says the Lord your God!” – Amos 9:13-15

And I will put my spirit in you so that you will follow my decrees and be careful to obey my regulations. You will live in [the promised land] I promised your ancestors. You will be my people and I will be your God. I will cleanse you (de-weed you). I will give you good crops..I will give you great harvests from your [land], and never again [will the enemy] scoff at you. – Ezekiel 36:27-30

“For the mountains may move and the hills disappear, but even then my faithful love for you will remain. My covenant of blessing will never be broken!”, says the Lord…I will teach your children and they will enjoy great peace. You will be secure under [my reign] that which is just and fair. Your enemies will stay far away. You will live in peace, where terror will not come near. If any [form of the enemy] comes against you, they will go down in defeat…No weapon formed against you will prosper. You will silence every voice that mocks you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord; THEIR VINDICATION WILLL COME FROM ME! I, the Lord, have spoken!” – Isaiah 54: 10-15

Your promised land is not just a physical piece of land, this includes every aspect of your life. My promised land is not only this land, but my husband and these 2 beauties! I have the Blessing God outlined in Deuteronomy 28 and so do you! Go read it.

You have been given the authority of God, the victory of Jesus, and the blessing of Abraham! Operate in this and settle for nothing less than your promised land! The enemy is crafty and wise, but his wisdom and ability falls incomparably short to the ability and wisdom of God. Your loving Father has so abundantly given His grace and anointing to you.

Much love, Sara

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