Rise Up

A garland of grace and a crown of beauty. Proverbs 4:9

Yesterday, I was following Pastor Lynn Hammond as she led prayer over our nation in the midst of “the giant” coronavirus. In prayer, she said “we command mystery in the enemy’s camp”. That immediately sounded off in me!

Earlier, I had been listening to “Done Being Afraid” by Here Be Lions and that too caused eagerness and excitement to rise up inside of me! I immediately thought of David when he heard the news of the giant Goliath.

The Philistines now mustered their army for battle and made camp. Saul countered by gathering his Israelite troops to face the Philistine army. Then Goliath, a Philistine champion, came out to face the forces of Israel. He was over 9 ft tall! He wore a bronze helmet, and his bronze coat weighed 125 lb. He also wore bronze leg armor, and he carried a bronze javelin on his shoulder. The shaft of us his spear was heavy and thick, tipped with an iron spearhead that weighed 15 lb…

Goliath stood and shouted a taunt across to the Israelites. “Why are you all coming out to fight? I am the Philistine champion, but you are only the servants of Saul. Choose one man to come down here and fight me…I defy the armies of Israel today! Send me a man who will fight me!” When Saul and the Israelites heard this, they were terrified and deeply shaken.

For forty days, every morning and evening, the Philistine champion strutted in front of the Israelite army. The Israelite army continued to run away in fright. One day, David saw and heard what was going on in this battle. David said, ”Who is this pagan Philistine anyway!? That he is allowed to defy the armies of the Living God!? Don’t worry about this Philistine! I will go fight him!” 

David’s own brother tried talking David out of it, trying to make him feel foolish and doubt himself, but David refused to let it move him or change his speech. King Saul even doubted him and tried to talk David out of going to battle, but David persisted and refused to be talked out of the confidence he had in his covenant with God! 

David replied, “…When a lion or a bear comes to steal a lamb from my flock, I go after it and rescue the lamb from it’s mouth. If the animal turns on me, then I just catch it by the jaw and club it to death. I have done this to both lions and bears, and I will do it to this pagan Philistine, too, for he has defied the armies of the Living God! The Lord whose power protected me before will rescue me from this Philistine!”

God has already shown us how to fight against any giant that threatens and taunts His people! Do not fear, take your place and pray in authority, praise God for the victory, and trust that He is our provider, our defender, our healer! This doesn’t mean to be foolish and prideful by just going up against this virus with your own way of thinking. God’s word shows us to honor those in authority, which means not going where large groups of people are because our government has issued certain recommendations. 

New statistics try to get us to fear by looking at the situation with our own physical eyes. We naturally see “the roar” and “the flashy-ness” of the virus which are facts, but the truth is this “giant” has no authority to operate here. Don’t let others around you talk you into fear and out of what God has already promised you in His covenant. 

When others around you magnify the details (the roar and flashy-ness) of this virus whether its regarding health, economy, etc- RESPOND with “who is this demonically assigned coronavirus that it is allowed to defy God’s children, his church, the armies of the living God!”

We know that this country has many unbelievers sure, but this country was founded on God’s purpose to be the United States of America UNDER GOD where we trust in God in all things. Yes, this country has tried turning it’s back on God like the Israelites did over and over again too. The fact is God is with us- Emmanuel through Jesus Christ. Our constitution starts with “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our future generations.”

The Covenant Blessing of God is given to believers whether we live like it or not, it is outlined in Deuteronomy 28 as:

Set high above all the nations of the world

Blessed inside the city

Blessed in the country

Blessed children

Blessed in work

Blessed with food and necessities 

Blessed coming in and going out

Victory over the enemy who attacks you, they will come at you in 1 direction and disperse from you in 7

Blessed homes

Blessed workplaces


In Matthew 6, Jesus told us when we pray to not babble on as “religious” people do, but be sincere. They think their prayers are answered merely by repeating their words again and again. Don’t be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him. When you pray with your heart, God will reward you openly. Pray like this:

Our Father in Heaven, Glory to your name. May your kingdom come (manifest your kingdom here on earth), May your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven (we have to know that His will is victory and life and blessing to be able to powerfully pray for His will to be done). Give us today the food we need (We acknowledge you as our provider). Forgive us of our sins as we have forgiven those who have harmed us. Rescue us from temptation and tribulation. Rescue us from all evil. For you are the King who rules with power and glory forever. Amen

These promises and prayers are part of our foundation as believers! So let’s take our place with the power of God inside of us! Let’s MAGNIFY Jesus and our victory over the constant news about this virus. Let’s COMMAND confusion in the enemy’s camp today, just like when God defeated Goliath through David, causing confusion and defeat in the enemy’s camp!! Rise up and know that your words are powerful! Are you creating fear in those around your or are you encouraging others in the promises of God!

Lyrics to “Done Being Afraid” mentioned above.
We’re done being afraid
We won’t be stopped
We can’t be tamed
The blood runs fierce within our veins
We’re done being afraid
We’re moving out of shadows
We run straight to the battle
We’re gonna rise up
And Roar like a lion Fear will not have it’s way
Fear will not have it’s way
We won’t be chained
We won’t be slaves
It’s our time
It’s our hour
We will not run
We will not cower
We shake the earth with freedom
Here comes the kingdom
We’re gonna rise up
And roar like a lion

Photo by Miguel Bruna

Much love, Sara

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My passion is to encourage others in the foundation of Christ. A blog centered around spirit, soul, and body prosperity.

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