A New Year’s Resolution

A garland of grace and a crown of beauty. Proverbs 4:9

I heard the Lord say to ask the question “How many times are you personal with the people you cherish in your life?”

Personal goes beyond what is convenient or accepted as enough.I hear him saying be personal when I tell you to be personal!

Sometimes Im personal with many at a time and sometimes I’m only personal with my little family of 3. Sometimes I follow His leading and sometimes I dont for sure!

I see posts all the time about loneliness and no friend Sally. Why? Because we have all related to Sally on the floor at times! But God is NOT asking us to all agree over lack so that we can all form a pitty party to make us feel better!

He wants us to dig in deeper and slap that bait from satan from your thinking! It doesnt matter if its true in your life, we’ve already established it’s true in practically everyone’s life! Because we are all human and fail daily, many have good intentions but we get distracted!

So again, the question for next year is, how often will you choose to partner with me to actually be personal and present for those I am asking you to?

I know what you’re thinking..I dont have time because that’s what Sally says..

This doesnt mean being everything for everyone! That’s not what He is asking, that’s His job.

Do you know that this is something I can actually struggle with at times. My closest friends know that I love hearing from God and being used by Him! Giving my all and my best, that’s part of why I run late alot. But yea whether its refusing to yell at my children when they are dealing with something and we need to go, or stopping to listen to 3 different parents who wanted to share something with me, or driving to a friend’s house at bedtime to give her something I know she needs, or clearing my whole day to help someone prepare an event for someone they love, or messaging someone a song or scripture or just a quick message THAT DOESNT ASK FOR/or REQUIRE A RESPONSE afterward.

So yea, sometimes I allow to have what feels like the life sucked out of me because some relationships only take, take, take and I struggle with managing that boundary, but that’s why Jesus is saying “…when I ask you to.”

Or are you thinking this one: “she only talks to me about the things she is interested in or she just wants me to join her”. Alot of those friends are fighting to get personal with you and the only way they know how (i’m sorry to burst that bubble) is through what they know enjoy.

God is always divinely connecting people! Not every relationship has an “equal transfer” or will always be at the same level of connection from season to season, but God sees you and He is trying to get you and others (and me!) to get more personal when He says to!

And yes, not to get personal when He says not to! He loves everyone, but He sees the ones who are constantly sucking the life out of you— He wants you to pray for them instead (until the certain moment He says get personal with them and then it may go back to don’t engage with them right now).

So who is going to take this invitation from the Lord to follow Him when He says “choose to be more personal”? Your life and atmosphere will certainly change when you take your eyes off yourself and follow Him.

And remember actions can speak louder than words at times! If you are one who keeps pushing off the action part of personal, it’s not personal. God speaks and demonstrates acts of his love and kindess personally to you!

Cheers to a New Year!


Published by Sara Becker

My passion is to encourage others in the foundation of Christ. A blog centered around spirit, soul, and body prosperity.

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